John Stutzman - Wellness Coach

John Stutzman

Wellness Coach

Clinic Operation Address:

1145 Gaskins Road, Suite 112
Richmond VA 23238

Phone: 804-740-4139

Mobile: 804-420-8466

About Us

At Smart Weight and Wellness in Richmond, Virginia, we want to be your resource for planning your healthy future.  After a career in retail and business development, John Stutzman finally turned his attention to making some changes to his own health.  The difference that he was able to make in his lifestyle, his relationships, and his outlook for the future was astounding.

John felt compelled to help other people understand how making even small changes in how they think about wellness may add years to their life, but more importantly can add life back into their years.  John found a passion for looking at healthy options, and helping individuals find what works for them.  So he founded Smart Weight and Wellness located in Richmond VA.

Now it is time to take this business to the next level, where he can help even more people find their healthy path.  John is making the new office in Richmond a center for healthy information and healthy strategies.  Make an appointment today, and see how we can help you find your direction.

Your Coach

John has plenty of experience with our medically developed, quick and healthy weight loss program.  He has lost over 100 lbs so far.  The changes that this program has made in John’s life inspired him to not only become a Wellness Coach, but to specifically provide services with this same program as the center piece to his coaching practice.

He continues to experience success and with the program, and is excited to share his knowledge and experience with his clients.

My Achievements

  • I have lost over 100 pounds and I want to help others enjoy the life changing experience, too.
  • I have been recognized as a top producer in multiple industries.
  • I have multiple patents for products I have developed

My Interests

I enjoy sports:  baseball, basketball and hockey.  Like to play bad golf, fishing and racquetball.