Nutrition Is More Than Dieting – It’s a Way of Life


What is nutrition?  As humans, we need to take in fuel to make our amazing bodies perform the thousands of functions that are constantly happening inside us.  The basic building blocks are Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats.  There are lots of other vitamins and minerals that we require. But these three are by far the largest building blocks for our system.  Which one is more important?  Which one is the healthiest?  Which one can we do without?  Actually, we need all three.  And none are more important because they work together.  Understanding some basics about how they work and how we get them into our system can go a long way toward helping us build a nutrition path that leads to our health goal.  Should I cut back on carbs, if so, how much?  Is any product that says its low fat, healthy?  To build muscle, should I only be consuming protein?  These are the kinds of questions we help clients work through everyday.  There is a different answer for everyone in how to construct a healthy, sustainable eating plan.  Stop by today to start the discussion about your healthy choices.


We Work Together To Build a Plan

Nutrition factsMany of our clients are looking at weight as their number one health and wellness challenge.  We can help you look at how different weight loss programs work, and which one best fits your goal and your lifestyle.  Just make an appointment today to come in and talk about where you would like your health and wellness path to take you.  We would love to be your travel guide.





Wellness Coaching


Smart Weight and Wellness is your resource for information, direction, and inspiration in your own healthy journey.  We are at our best meeting face to face with individuals that want to enjoy a healthier life.  That may be just a discussion about a change you are thinking about.  We love to help people crystalize those general thoughts into clear, personal goals.  Then we can assist you in finding the right tools to make those goals a reality.  Many times that just means talking about all the options.  It may include looking at some holistic options.  Or, for some people, they need more accountability.  So we can look at personal coaching programs as an option.