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Weight Coaching

Some people struggle with controlling their weight from childhood.  For many others weight challenges come later in life.  What is clear is this:  No matter how long you have been carrying around those extra pounds, they are making your life less enjoyable.  You may be headed for serious health problems that can disable you or end your life.  But currently those extra pounds are taking away from your enjoyment of life every day.


Diet Planning & Execution

You deserve a chance to feel good about yourself, to wear the clothes you want to wear, to run with your kids, to go through a normal day without the joint pain and the frustration that the extra weight brings you everyday.  There are a wide variety of ways to lose weight.  Let’s talk about your lifestyle, your schedule, your health goals.  Then we can help you choose an option that fits your life.  Restaurants, food producers, fast food franchises, grocers are all spending millions of dollars to design methods to get you fat and keep you fat.  Would it be worth an hour of your time to sit down and devise a plan to combat their efforts?  Make a plan.  Take control.




Wellness Coaching

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Smart Weight and Wellness is your resource for information, direction, and inspiration in your own healthy journey.  We are at our best meeting face to face with individuals that want to enjoy a healthier life.  That may be just a discussion about a change you are thinking about.  We love to help people crystalize those general thoughts into clear, personal goals.  Then we can assist you in finding the right tools to make those goals a reality.  Many times that just means talking about all the options.  It may include looking at some holistic options.  Or, for some people, they need more accountability.  So we can look at personal coaching programs as an option.

Many of our clients are looking at weight as their number one health and wellness challenge.  We can help you look at how different weight loss programs work, and which one best fits your goal and your lifestyle.  Just make an appointment today to come in and talk about where you would like your health and wellness path to take you.  We would love to be your travel guide.